How to Use Pakistani Rishtey

Finding your rishta has never been easier. With Pakistani Rishtey’s quick sign up process, you can go live in a matter of hours and will be available to hundreds and thousands of rishta in Pakistan. Knowing how to use Pakistani Risthey can be quite tricky if you are new to the website. So, follow these steps and make your journey of finding your life partner easier. Start now and search your prime rishta from hundreds and thousands of rishtas in Pakistan and from the overseas Pakistani families.

Simple Steps to Your Rishta

  1. Build Your Profile

    The first and most important step for you is your profile. It is where people will be able to know you more so make sure you make your profile as complete as possible. Add the details which are a must to save your time and get the rishtas that match your requirements. If you are posting the rishta on behalf of someone, mention that in the profile as well. Add high resolution pictures, decent and straight to the point description, and any other information which might help you appear higher in search results.

  2. Select Your Favorite Package

    Once you have made your free account and have been added in the system, our matchmakers will add your profile in their priority lists as well. Meanwhile, you can select the package you desire to aid you in your rishta search.

  3. Start Finding Your Rishta

    Now that you have your package and account ready, it is time to start searching for your rishta. People can message you if interested and so can you when a profile interests you. It is time to find the best matches and see if they too are interested to move to the next step: Meeting with the family.

Do’s and Don'ts

  1. Don’t Meet Your Rishta Alone

    With crimes looming over our heads at all times, it is a very unsafe practice to trust anyone online. That being said, when you are meeting anyone in person from your Rishta profile, make sure you have informed some family members, friends or your matchmaker. It is super important because not telling anyone about your whereabouts can be risky. Considering the common scams online, you might want to tell the ones in your life about your meeting.

  2. Do Take Your Matchmaker

    If you can, take your matchmaker with you when you go for a meeting. A lot of times people are meeting without their families and it can get quite uncomfortable to answer all the questions single-handedly. In that instance, taking your matchmaker will not only make you confident but they can answer most of the questions on your behalf.

  3. Don’t Put Wrong Information

    Try to be original. Just like you, people are looking for someone serious on the website. They do not want someone who is hiding their real information. Doing that will lead to problems if there is a party which is interested in your profile. That can get quite disturbing and unpleasant at times. So, put all the information you can to show you are 100% real and serious in your journey of finding the best rishta.

  4. Do Make Your Profile Interesting

    If there is any information which can make your profile stand out from other similar ones, it is time to put that in your description. It can be your pictures which are high resolution or your amazing comedic description. Make it as interesting you can without being too direct. Just act normal and be yourself and it should be fine

  5. Don’t Exaggerate

    A lot of people exaggerate on their profile by wrong information about not just their relationship but by their titles, castes, wealth status, family background, and even jobs. Stay honest and it will help you match with a rishta which matches you. This will not only save time for the others but also provide you accurate results and not a family which later rejects your ristha.

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