Picture Guidelines for Rishta in Pakistan

How to Post the Perfect Pictures on Rishta and Matrimonial Sites in Pakistan

Make Your Rishta Picture Stand Out from the Crowd!

Posting pictures on a rishta matrimonial site in Pakistan can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be! By following the tips mentioned below, you will be able to attract more viewers on your profile. These tips and tricks are applicable for all the matrimonial sites in Pakistan, ristha in Pakistan and the marriage bureaus. With the help of these simple tweaks, your profile will become professional and more appealing for the viewer.

  1. Make sure your face is visible from all sides. If you are tilting your face more on one side, please don’t. Having a full face in display makes your profile picture complete.
  2. Upload images which are clear and in good resolution. If you fail to do so, your image results will be greatly affected which will reduce your profile views.
  3. Make sure your images show only you and no other person. They should also be without any watermarks or any other addition. Try to keep it as simple as possible.

Do’s and Don'ts

  • Do not post irrelevant or abusive photos.
  • Do not mention any type of information on the photo.
  • Do not upload a photo of you smoking or using any other accessory.
  • Do not post old or last year photos.
  • Do not send photos in a uniform if you do not belong to that profession.

Preparing to Action

  1. Make sure your images are 400 pixels in width and 500 pixels in height.
  2. Clearly mention the photo which you want to keep as your main profile picture.
  3. Once you send us the photos, it can take us some hours to make it active on your profile only if it is approved after the screening.

Some Additional Tips

  1. Use current photos. It may seem as a small change but it will get your more rishta views. Whether it is a marriage bureau Karachi, a marriage bureau Lahore, or a marriage bureau Islamabad, having current photos on matrimonial websites in Pakistan can provide you with higher chances of rishtas.
  2. Don’t bring anyone else, even your pet in the photo. Keep the photo simple and straight to the point. The rishta in Pakistan care about knowing you and you should show your seriousness by having a picture which shows just yourself in a presentable fashion.
  3. Your dressing should not be tuxedo but it should also not be shabby trousers. Keep it a decent amount of clothing and you should have a balanced outlook.
  4. Use a powerful background. If you are a person who likes to walk in the park, it is time to take that picture and if you are someone who likes to read books, a photo in front of a bookshelf should show your interest as well. Make your personality shine by endorsing your habits or value systems.
  5. Use higher quality pictures with a positive smile to showcase your profile in good words. Also, avoid adding selfies on your profile. They can leave a negative impact for the viewers and result in reduced rishtas.

With the help of these simple but useful instructions, you can transform your profile picture. Rishta in Pakistan will surely approach your profile no matter which marriage bureau or matrimonial website in Pakistan they belong to. These tips and tricks are proven effective with years of matrimonial services by Pakistani Rishtey.