Security Tips When Using Matrimonial websites in Pakistan

When looking for a life partner the last thing you want is to get stuck on a scam or have your time wasted by a disingenuous person. We highly appreciate that you have chosen us to aid you in your search for the perfect partner, but sometimes running into scams and frauds is inevitable. Though, we have taken several intricate steps to make sure that our website users do not fall victim to these crimes, there are some tips that we have come up with to make sure that you can remain secure at your end as well.

First, we want to shed a little light on the steps that we have taken to not only provide you high quality services, but to also make sure that the profiles coming your way are all legitimate. We make sure to do is to screen every single profile for appropriate information. We have developed a support team to help us so that we are confirmed that the profile we are putting out there is relevant to the site.

We also have a “report” section where you can let us know whether someone has harassed you or has been harassing you. We will take prompt action to reprimand them, and possibly remove them if the situation is severe. We also heavily monitor the messages, and screen updates.

Though, we are trying to keep the website secure at our end, we are tied to the limited liberties we have. We have written down a list of all the red flags that you can keep an eye out for. Here are some matrimonial sites do’s and don’ts when it comes to red flags:

Money Scams

Never ever let anyone know of your financial standing in the start. Keep your introduction short, and if you are working for a well-known company or an MNC make sure that you keep this to yourself till you are sure about the person. If you feel that they have started to overshare their monetary problems, then that is a clear red flag. Even if they are stuck somewhere do not send them any money, a lot of people will fabricate and make false promises to get into your wallet.


  • Bring it to our notice, report
  • Block the person after reporting
  • Keep your personal information to a minimal in the beginning


  • Provide them with any money
  • Give any bank account information
  • Boast about how much money you have

Go slow at first

We suggest that you do not end up adding them on various social media platforms, or share your number in the very beginning. It would be best if you create a separate email account for on our site, and if you want both of you can carry your correspondence there.

Try not to add them to your main email account where you receive and store all your personal information, someone can hack and go through all of your private data. Make sure that you really properly go through the person’s profile and you can even get your family members to have a look and give their unbiased opinion.


  • Take your time in judging the person
  • Share a separate email id
  • Try to keep your correspondence mostly on the site itself
  • Go through the person’s profile carefully


  • Share your number or social media handle
  • Share your personal information or photos
  • Agree to meet up too soon

Ask for a photo

Surely, appearances are not everything but it can tell you a lot about a person. It will also allow you to figure out whether the person is legitimate or not. But, if the person is good looking please do not throw your judgement out of the window and fall for their words and empty promises. Keep your emotions at bay, and really gauge the person for who they are. If they have not put up a photo then you need to move on. There might as well be something fishy about the whole scenario


  • Take a look at their photos, or request one
  • Go through their photo album if they have one


  • Accept a profile without a photo
  • Accept a profile with stock photos
  • Accept a profile with pictures of celebrities on them

The meeting

You have been chatting with them, and also have spoken to them on call, now it is time to take the next step. You have to really be careful with the entire situation here. There are some major dos and don’ts of meeting a person from an online site. Before anything, make very sure that you like this person and they look legitimate so far.


  • Meet them in a public place surrounded by a lot of people like restaurant or café
  • Take a friend or two to keep an eye out for trouble
  • Meet at a time when it is crowded


  • Invite them to your place
  • Go out to meet them during late hours, or peak early mornings like 4 am
  • Go to secluded places
  • Have them pick you up from your place
  • Get in their car in the first meeting

While it is easy to lead with the heart, we highly suggest that you hold off on that for a while. It is extremely important that you keep an eye out for the red flags so that you do not curse your luck later. Better yet, keep a friend or family member around or at least updated with everything that is going on.